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The Management Model

Damiani group products are designed, created and marketed following a management model common to all group companies which features strict control of the value chain.

The organisational model for each brand can be divided into the following stages:

Market analysis and product creation

Analysis of the market is the preliminary work carried out by the group to identify the market’s product needs. The process of creation and development of each jewel starts on the basis of these results.
This stage, carried out by the Marketing department, means the making of drawings to be transformed into prototypes.
After a careful selection and review, the CEO is called to approve the prototypes that will be put into production and marketed. At this point, the Marketing division defines the selling price and the prototype is consigned to the production and logistics division. The company has a special software to support this work at all stages.

Purchase of raw materials

The Damiani group has significant experience in the selection of the raw materials which are mainly diamonds, other precious stones, pearls, gold and platinum.

Precious stones

The group only uses ‘conflict free’ rubies, emeralds, sapphires and diamonds.


Damiani purchases gold only at banks. Pearls The main pearl production areas are Japan, Australia and Polynesia. In particular, the Damiani group has a long commercial relationship with farm owners Japanese suppliers.


The group uses both its own workshop in Valenza and external production units. The production of Damiani, Salvini and Alfieri & St. John jewellery is in the goldsmiths’ area of Valenza while for Bliss, part of the jewellery and the steel are produced in Asia.

Quality control

The Damiani group pays special attention to the quality of its jewellery. A special internal team is responsible for making constant checks to guarantee the indispensable quality standard.


The Damiani group mainly distributes its products through two channels. Retail has mono and multibrand points of sale directly managed by the group while wholesale manages monobrand franchised boutiques, independent multi-brand jewellers, jewellery chains, department stores and distributors. The Damiani group sells its products through 2,500 wholesale resellers around the world.